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Many people opt not to answer phone calls from numbers that they do not recognize. This is largely to avoid having to deal with debt collectors and telephone solicitors. Automatic dialing systems are also referred to as robo-calls. Not only are these calls a major inconvenience, in many cases they are illegal!

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TPCA") is a federal law that regulates solicitors and bill collection calls. The TCPA requires that automatic dialers maintain a list of people who ask not to be called and honor such requests for 5 years. Telemarketers, solicitors and bill collectors are prohibited under TCPA from the following actions:

  • Solicitations to residences or cell phones using artificial voices or recordings.
  • Calls to cell phones using artificial equipment or on a pre recorded device.
  • Calling people before 8am or after 9pm
  • Unsolicited faxes or junk faxes.

We know that some debt collectors and solicitors always ignore this statue. We can stop these calls and get you compensation for their illegal conduct. Under federal law, consumers are entitled to $500- $1,500 per unwanted call or text message!!

The TCPA and other federal laws prohibit debt collectors and solicitors from being abusive and unfair during the debt collection process. We know that these debt collectors cause unnecessary headaches for consumers or worse. Shaffer & Gaier has filed lawsuits to protect consumers from the unfair debt collection and unwanted solicitation calls.


Your Rights and What To Do:

If you are receiving constant phone calls - you have rights. First, you need to revoke your consent and demand that the calls cease and desist. You may have given these callers your consent in the past, but you have the absolute right to revoke that consent at any time. Of course, the best way to revoke your consent is in writing, via mail or e-mail. However, you can also revoke your consent verbally or text message. Once you have revoked your consent, the calls and text message must stop. Also, if you are on the Do Not Call list, these robo callers must abide by this list and not bother you. However, many companies totally ignore the Do-Not -Call list.

Once you have revoked your consent- keep a log of your phone calls. You can easily access your phone call log with your wireless carrier. Once your consent is withdrawn you may be entitled to damages of $500-$1,500 per phone call or text.

Identify The Caller

It is very important to identify the caller and where the person is calling from. The caller is required to identify themselves and whom they are calling for. The caller is required to disclose the address of the business responsible for placing the calls as well as phone number of the business. Keep a careful record of that information. Even if they refuse to give that information, make sure that you keep the phone number. Our investigators can usually track down the identity of the callers from that information.

Robo Call- Auto Dialer

The TCPA specifically prohibits phone calls using auto dialers as well as calls that contain pre-recorded messages. This means that even if you receive a phone call from a live person, the call is still considered a robo call if it is made using an auto dialer.

Even If You Owe Money - You Can Stop The Calls

Although you may, in fact, owe money to the people calling does not give them the absolute right to call your cell phone. Just because you may owe them money does not mean they can harass you - especially once you withdraw your consent. Even though you may owe the callers money, if they violate the TCPA you may be entitled to $500-$1,5000 per phone call or text.

No Attorney Fees Unless There Is A Recovery For You.

We do not charge any legal fees unless there is a recovery. In addition, we advance all of the litigation costs on your behalf. There is no attorney's fees paid unless we recover for you. We take a percentage of any monies we recover for you, i.e. a contingency fee. You never pay us any attorney fees directly.

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